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Our Roller blinds have many special features:

  • Filter light or block out light altogether
  • Motorised options available
  • Blackout and screen fabrics available
  • Vast range of colours, patterns and designs with different textures and finishes. Please view the Louvolite range.
  • Bottom bar can be fabric covered or have an exposed metal bottom bar to complement existing decor

Blackout roller blinds provide an excellent solution for preventing unwanted light from entering a room, especially during summer months when the sun rises early and disturbs your sleep. Alternatively we can provide a range of screen fabrics which offer varying degrees of light transparency depending upon the location.

Whether it’s one of our modern designs for your living room, a blackout fabric for the bedroom or a skylight for your landing, all our roller blinds are individually manufactured to your unique specification.

With hundreds of stunning designs in every shade, you’re sure to find exactly the right blind for your home or office. And when you choose our motorised option, you can operate your blind(s) at the touch of a button too.

Motorised/Electric Roller Blinds

Our motorised/electric Roller Blinds offer luxury and convenience all with the push of a button. Motorised/electric blinds let you filter how much daylight enters your home and maintains privacy, even when blinds are in difficult to reach locations.

Please call us today on 01494 716436 where we can advise you on the ideal roller blinds for your home and answer any questions you may have.