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Our motorised/electric Roller Blinds offer luxury and convenience all with the push of a button.

Motorised/electric blinds let you filter how much daylight enters your home and maintains privacy and security even when blinds are in difficult to reach locations. Our motorised/electric Roller Blinds are completely child safe as they do not have any strings or chains.

There are different power options, including battery and hardwired motorised/electric blinds.

  • The battery powered motor allows our installation team to fit your motorised blinds quickly and easily, without a requirement for an electrician.
  • The hardwired option is operated using your mains electricity supply. If you have a power socket located closely to the blind we can simply plug them in. Alternatively if you don’t have a power source we are happy to work with electricians to have a fused spur fitted close to the blinds.
  • Blinds can be connected to your home WIFI so they can open and close straight from your phone or tablet. Please view Louvolite Home Hub.The Home Hub also gives you the additional benefit of being able to operate the blinds from anywhere in the world

Both the battery and hardwired motorised/electric blinds are operated by a simple remote control. The remote allows you to easily operate your blinds from wherever in the room and depending on the type of remote, you are either able to operate one single blind, a group of up to 16 blinds or there is the option to have a timer remote.